A Better Dental Experience.


Designed & Innovated by a Physiotherapist

Dental Assistant

"I now have both hands free to assist the dentist"


The ultimate tool providing a better dental experience for everyone
jawpro dentist providing a better patient experience by using the jawpro device

Our Mission

"12.6 Million Australians Purposely avoid going to the Dentist"

Three reasons to try JAWPRO

Improves treatment experience

JawPro helps maintain a patent airway, reduces force through the TMJ & reduces physical handling required by the Dental Assistant. Reduced force through the TMJ means less pain for the patient, resulting in a happier, less stressful experience. The JawPro supports the Dental Assistant by supporting the jaw so they don't have to! The JawPro is the ultimate tool required for an overall better dental experience for everyone involved. 

Easy to clean and use

The JawPro is made out of high quality plastic, making it autoclavable! The JawPro's smooth glossy surface makes cleaning simple. It can withstand strong chemicals allowing it to be easily wiped down post treatment. To put JawPro on and off is a timeless, efficient process. Plus one size fits all making it cost effective.


JawPro has been innovated and created with the highest quality material to ensure a long product life. It has been tested against repetitive use, extreme temperatures and under high pressure in laboratory settings to ensure you are getting a strong reliable product!


"From the Dental Assistants point of view, my shoulder and neck pain has dramatically decreased I no longer have to support the patients Jaw in an awkward position during long procedures which frees up both my hands to support the Dentist. I also found it reduced the need for treatment breaks."

Jamie-Lee Spencer (Oral Health Therapist)

So far I really like the device! Its light, easy to clean and compact allowing it to be put on and off quickly. It rigid enough to support the jaw, preventing jaw locking and over extension, yet has enough compliance to not injure soft tissues. It allows clear view of the neck and doesn't interfere with oral access."

Dr Alexander Woo (Dental Anaesthetist)